TeacherFit is a proactive Mindfulness, Fitness, Yoga, & Nutrition program designed specifically for education professionals

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Mindfulness & Mental Health Resources

Access to our mindfulness and stress management tool library.

Educator Community Accountability

Connect with other educators from around the world via the TeacherFit app.

Yoga Class Library

Access to our full TeacherFit Yoga class library.

Student Movement Breaks

Wellness mental health & movement breaks for your students.

Fitness Class Library

Access to 100's of TeacherFit Fitness classes ranging from bodyweight only, dumbbell strength, and core strength focused classes.

Wellness & Nutrition Challenges

Wellness habit challenges and access to run your own.

The ONLY program designed specifically to meet the needs of educators through affordable, efficient, and effective mindfulness, fitness, and yoga classes. Plus additional programs for your students!

How easy is it to get started?

1. Choose your license

Select how many licenses you would like to purchase and gain access immediately. You can always increase your license count in the future.

2. Share your school's registration link

You will find a unique registration link inside your profile. You can share that link so other staff members can sign up for an account.

3. Create a social group

Create a group for your staff to join so you can stay in touch and encourage each other on the platform. The group keeps counts of your activity points so you can run your own challenges and leaderboards. You can create as many groups as you would like.

4. Go!

Decide on your school or district's launch day. Send out communication to your staff about the program's features and how to access it. Complete your first mindfulness practice, fitness or yoga class! Then share it with us and tag us on social media!

" TeacherFit is an incredible program and beneficial to any staff!! Thank you TeacherFit! "

- Bo Bryan, TeacherFit School Principal

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Only $500 for 100 staff members

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What Makes the TeacherFit Program Different?

We understand that educators deserve a high quality wellness program that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t take away from their already busy schedule. You give your all to students day in and day out and we want to give you the tools to be your best.

Through our programs we give you the options you need to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally for the long term. We also give you a variety of programs that keeps things fun and interesting so you want to keep using the program to reach your goals.

We are not in the quick fix game. We are committed to you and we want you to be committed to us and an active member of our community of wellness minded educators around the world.